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What Is Broad Form Car Insurance?

If you have more than one vehicle, you may be interested in learning more about broad form car insurance. Basically, all of your vehicles can be insured under one policy, which can really simplify things for a lot of people. The really cool thing about this type of coverage is that whether you have two or 20 vehicles, you are still going to pay the same rate. You don’t even have to list any new vehicles that you buy, because no individual vehicle is listed on your insurance.

Who Benefits from This Coverage?

Obviously, if you only have one or two vehicles, you will not be getting broad form car insurance. This is coverage for multiple vehicle owners, and for someone who has a lot of vehicles, it can be extremely beneficial. After all, if you were to insure many vehicles individually, it could add up to a lot of money. Some of the people who can benefit from having this type of coverage include:What Is Broad Form Car Insurance

  • Auto Collectors – Anyone who collects cars, trucks and/or motorcycles can benefit from having coverage for multiple vehicles. If collectors are into antique vehicles, they may want to look into additional coverage, as there are special policies available.
  • Families with Multiple Vehicles – If there are many vehicles in your household, having this type of coverage could help you save money. Let’s say that you and your spouse each have a vehicle, and you have two or three teenagers who all have their own cars. That’s potentially four or five different insurance policies. If you have broad form car insurance, you can have one payment for all, and everyone could chip in their share.
  • Various Businesses – Many businesses have multiple vehicles that employees drive, and these vehicles must all be insured. A great example is a delivery company that has a lot of different vehicles and drivers. Having coverage for multiple vehicles is a great way for businesses to make sure that they have the insurance they need without having to pay premiums on a number of separate policies.

Are There Any Limitations?

There are a few things to consider if you are thinking about getting this type of insurance coverage. Because it is not allowed in all states, you need to make sure that your state is one that does allow it. This is only liability insurance, and only covers drivers who have permission to drive the vehicle and are named on the policy. If you let friends who are not named drive one of your vehicles, they will not be covered.

Get the Best Rates

To make sure that you get the best rates, you need to shop around. Get quotes from several insurers to see what different companies are offering. You can do this by going online and filling out a short form about your insurance needs. We will take your zip code (no other personal information is needed) and get you quotes from insurers in your area. When you have all of the information you need, you can then make the decision about whether or not to have broad form car insurance.